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the united states will be involved in afghanistan after u.s. troops leave the country in 2014. >> i've come to afghanistan to mark a short moment for our two nations. to do so on afghan soil. i'm here to affirm the bonds between our countries, to thank american and afghans who have sacrificed so much over these last ten years and to look forward to a future of peace and security and greater prosperity for our nations. >> we can expect to hear more about in his president's address coming up shortly. he addressed u.s. forces at the air babes and waded in the crowd for hand shakes, thanked them for all the sacrifices they have made. he said he could not be more proud to be their chief. ed, we're getting dribbles from the white house what the president will say tonight. >> we got a preview from the president himself as soon as me landed in afghanistan, basically he made some quick remarks we're saying that we did not choose this war. it came to us on 9/11. he also said the battle is not over but this is the beginning of the end basically of america's longest war. we got a preview there and also
to mark a year since the killing of usama bin laden by blowing up a jet headed to the united states. the device, a new and improved underwear bomb. that's according to sources at the white house and on capitol hill. now, remember an underwear bomb failed to blow up a plane headed for detroit three years ago on christmas day. al qaeda in yemen came one a better detective ton nation system. al qaeda reports it has that new bomb and that experts are now analyzing it but they are warning of another intelligence stream. they say they there may be more of these bombs and more of these bombers out there right now. more on that in a moment. officials say the device they recovered does not contain any metal at all. so it could have gotten through our airport metal detector system. no word on whether those new body scanners would have caught it the secretary of defense put it this way: >> what this incident makes clear is that this continue to remain vigilant against those it would seek to attack this country. and we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> there is more. just la
to him. >> eduardo saverin wants to de-friend the united states of america just to avoid paying taxes. and we aren't going to let him get away with it. >> shepard: senator schumer are announcing legislation called the expatriot act. it would apply to anybody who has had to pay an average of $148,000 in income taxes. folks within that group who have renounced their citizenship in the last decade would have to prove they didn't do it just to avoid paying taxes. if they fail, the acted would flap a heavy tax on future u.s. investments and prevent them from ever again returning to the united states of america. the fox business network's peter barnes is live in washington. peter, this facebook co-founder's representative says is he going to pay everything he owes but it's not clear exactly what that means. >> well, shep, he does not get out of jail free. under existing tax law, saverin has to pay something called an exit tax, which everybody pays when they give up their u.s. citizenship. that would likely be 15% capital gains taxes on the value of his assets on the day before he renounced
somebody would want to compromise the security of the president of the united states, with knowing that secret service agents are in town and have a predilection to partying would try to engage them and learn information about the president's path. >> two of the six secret service agents who offered to resign after the colombia mess, we are told, are now fighting to hold on to their jobs. so secret service is going to go after their security clearances. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live on capitol hill. now to our good friends and trusted allies in pakistan. case in point, the man who helped hunt down the world's most wanted terrorist. he just got a reward from the pakistanis. 33 years in prison. that's the sentence that pakistani officials who just ordered for a doctor who helped the united states track down usama bin laden. the doctor's crime? conspiring against the state. he ran a fake vaccination program to collect d.n.a. intelligence teams to make sure bin laden was at that compound. the pentagon points out he was working against al qaeda. not against pakistan. and the senio
. phil, thank you. the ceo of the nation's biggest bank has agreed to testify before the united states congress about how jp morgan chase lost billions of dollars in some very bad trades. a spokeswoman for the bank says the ceo jamie diamond will appear before the senate banking committee, no date set yet. jp morgan chase recently announced it lost at least $2 billion in risky bets. the loss has fueled lawmakers' calls to tighten banking regulations. they say banks didn't learn any lessons after the same types of risky trades helped tank the u.s. economy in 2008. for days, folks in north mississippi were living in fear, many of them. reports that a fake police officer was pulling over drivers and murdering them. well, tonight, a suspect is in custody. and investigators are now revealing how he got his victims to stop. plus, the young woman who is fighting a disease that is slowly eating away at her body. ahead, her remarkable courage. as her father told her what doctors need to do to her next. from the journalists of fox news, this is a friday fox report. [ captain ] our landing time g
. that al qaeda plot to set off underwear bomb on plane to the united states. the would be bomber actually worked for the united states but the threat was not passed. >> this is more than just one person, one bomb. this is a larger scale operation. >> very very clear that the war on terror is not over. >> tonight, the search for other bombers. and how a mole infiltrated the terrorist cell behind the plot. >> a changing strategy to secure america's borders. >> the border patrol's capabilities must continue to adapt. >> tonight, shifting focus to repeat offenders adding more drones and why agents won't be so quick to send people back to mexico without punishment. >> president obama gets dragged into the john edwards will trial. tonight, word of a warning delivered to the president's people. and will prosecutors actually call edwards' mistress to the stand? plus, gas prices take a tum itable. you'll see why they are dropping and how far they could fall. >> first from fox this tuesday night, if anybody has ever accomplished something like this inside al qaeda, we have never heard of it, nothin
, the president of the united states is honoring his bravery and his sacrifice. >> tonight, an american hero remembers. and going up against ticket master. how some musicians are scalping seats to their own shows to cut out those service charges and save fans some money. but first from fox this wednesday night. get ready for another round in the boxing match over america's debts. because democrats and republicans are gearing up for a brand new fight over whether to raise america's debt ceiling. that's the limit on how much the country is allowed to borrow. it's like how much you can charge before your credit card maxes out. you'll remember the debt ceiling caused quite a fight last summer. some suggested it was politically choreographed. one that nearly caused the government to default on its debts. and today president obama met with democratic and republic lawmakers to tackle the issue once again. but even before that meeting began, we saw signs it's not going to go smoothly. >> one of the ways that we can sustain momentum is for congress to take some actions right now, even though it's ele
as commander and chief they are a threat to the united states. none the less, that strong outrage from the aclu. take a listen it's unlawful because it allow the president to kill people including u.s. citizens far from any theater of war. it is dangerous because it sets a precedent. >> now the president's aids are just as firm in saying this is lawful because we're at war with al qaeda right now. and they believe under international law, the president does have this power. he believes there is a threat to the united states. i spoke to some former bush administration officials today who say they believe that as well. but they find it interesting because they think it's a 180 from where president obama was four years ago. >> ed, the white house seems to be pushing back, too. saying the president's approach is working. >> true. i mean, their case, basically is that it's messy business. the president as a candidate another thing that he promised waged a smarter more effective war on terror. if you look at the raid on usama bin laden, for example, he has taken out not just bin laden but a lot of to
in the united states for 10 days with no checked baggage. a doctor on board reportedly examined the woman but found no recent scars that would indicate anything might be implanted anywhere. it's fox's top story and rick leventhal is on it and live in new york tonight. what are the passengers on there saying, what sparked that incident and what are people saying about what went down in the air? >> they're saying this woman was sitting by herself and she was acting jittery and there's obvious concerns she may have mental issues many she did not put up a fight when law enforcement escorted her off that jet. many passengers had no idea this woman had passed a threatening note to flight attendants and the pilots told passengers they were diverting because of a fuel issue and they later apologized to him for lying and made an announcement asking for doctors on board. those doctors examined the woman but apparently found no fresh surgical scars. >> they think somehow the inspections at the airport or the concerns that we have of that explosive devices are not real. i can tell you from what i'm
, fighter jets scrambled and a passenger plane bound for the united states diverted after a woman on the flight reportedly claimed she had some kind of surgically implanted device in her. a bomb of sorts. this comes just weeks after the f.b.i. and homeland security warned that the airlines that terrorists could try to hide bombs inside their bodies. u.s. airways flight was going from paris to charlotte, north carolina, 179 passengers. nine crew. but somewhere over the atlantic, the pilots had to change their plan and head for bangor, maine. we're told a french citizen from cameroon had been acted suspiciously. she handed a note mentioning this inserted device. they alerted air traffic control and in no time, a pair of f-15 fighter jets met the plane in mid air and escorted it to maine where the feds were waiting. we're told they arrested the woman who was traveling alone, scheduled stay in the united states for 10 days with no checked baggage. a doctor on board reportedly examined the woman but found no recent scars that would indicate anything might be implanted anywhere. it's fo
.com/1series. great financing available >> shepard: the united states military can use drones to spy on you right here in america as long as it's not on purpose. that's the word that comes from a newly leaked air force document. it states that if drones inadvertently capture images of americans the pentagon can hold on to those images for up to 90 days while the pentagon decides what to do with them. the constitution says you can't do any of that that's just as the federal government is putting out new rules for drones that fly over the united states. right now relatively few drones are actually flying over the u.s. the border patrol uses 9 of them, they he will tell it us. some local police departments have drone licenses as well. but by the year 2020, the feds are now projecting there could be, get, this 30,000 drones patrolling our skies. 30,000 of them. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. jonathan, what exactly are all of those drones supposed to be doing? >> supposed to be involved in a whole host of law enforcement activities helping out in hostage
... >> shepard: the blind chinese diplomatic at the growing fiasco between the united states and china today appealed directly to our congress to help get him out of china because as he says he fears for his safety. he is requesting the secretary of state hillary clinton who is over there now fly him back to the united states on her plane. this activist spent seven years in prison at times and other times under house arrest for openly questioning china's repressive government. the one child policy, forced abortion, sterilization on and on. last week he escaped his guards in the middle of the night. climbed over the wall and fled to the u.s. embassy in beijing with the help of supporters. a true embarrassment to the chinese. he then left the embassy under somewhat shady circumstances and said he wanted to stay in china. but all that change in the last 24 hours and this afternoon he spoke by phone to u.s. lawmakers with the help of a translator. here listen. >> he said he did not have any -- all he wants to come to the u.s. for some time of rest. he has not had any rest in the past 10 years. >
they are on it in the first place. we are told some of them are outside the united states and can't fly home. among the plaintiffs, the imam of an oregon mosque and a u.s. marine veteran whose father is palestinian. and the second story of a jetblue employee who apparently thought an 18 mold -month-old child was on the fly list. removed the entire family from a flight this week. now the airline is apologizing. a jetblue statement indicates a computer glitch may have put 'the little girl's name on the list of known or suspected terrorists. again, she is 18 months old, the family is of middle eastern dissent. transportation security spokesman says once personnel figured out it was a mistake, they let the family back on the flight. an appeals court today struck down a request for details behind a secret and highly sophisticated cyber attack on google users in china. a civil liberties group filed that freedom of information request asking the national security agency to turn over its communications with the internet search giant. the feds refused. saying that could make the u.s. government vulnerable t
bomb in the united states. he spent three and a half years in military detention before a civilian court found him guilty on terror charges. padilla claims he suffered gross physical and psychological abuse while in a military prison. so he he sued john, the former white house legal counsel whom padilla accused of coming up with a policy allowed the harsh interrogation of enemy combatants. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. catherine herridge has it live from washington. why did he bring this in the first place. >> he won the same rights as any other americans. ninth circuit found he wasn't entitled to the same protections. because of his arrest in 2002 he was a suspected terrorist. weighs held in a navy bringing without charges for a long time. the government would not reveal detention saying open-ended detention was justified. he says he was abused to break him psychologically. the aclu backed pa papa dill la does not a year ago. the documents in arabic with english translations will be posted by the west point counter terrorism center. while we are not expecting major
into thinking he or she was volunteering to blow up a plane heading to the united states. molly henneberg with the news live in washington. molly, specifically how was this spy able to convince al qaeda that he was one of them? >> hi, shep. that british citizenship, that british passport likely a key part of it. al qaeda has been working for years to get westerners or people with western passports to carry out operations for them. this informant middle eastern origin we don't know his name. get ahold of that potential bomb being annualized here back in the u.s. reports say british and saudi intelligence services were very involved in recruiting and running the spy as well as the cia was involved as well. >> shepard: lots of chatter, molly about concern over the leaks related to this covert operation. >> absolutely. defense secretary leon panetta to used to run the cia was asked about it today. and said the u.s. needs to be able to protect sources and informants who do covert work. and these leaks don't help. >> when these leaks take place, i can't tell you how much they damage our ability
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with software to detect and remove the virus and recover any information that was lost. well, the united states hitting syria with new economic punishments amid reports of another brutal massacre there. today u.s. officials saying they have blacklisted another syrian bank. in an tammy to cut the syrian government's access to the global financial system. meanwhile turkey and japan have joined the u.s. and several other nations in booting syrian diplomats out of their country. that's in protest of a weekend massacre of more than 100 people in syria. you will remember that one involved dozens of children. opposition firefighters today reportedly said the syrian government has 48 hours to stop killing innocent men women and kids before they start defending civilians. of course the united nations estimate syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 people since last march. we cannot confirm. conor powell live middle east bureau now. connor? >> harris, that u.n.-backed cease-fire has never taken hold and syria looks like t will be completely aban conned when those 48 hours are up around noon on friday.
intentionally infected himself with h.i.v. the united states has launched a new line of attacks against al qaeda's most dangerous branch in yemen. the u.s. is now hacking terrorist web sites and changing the content from anti-american to anti-al qaeda. details on that ahead. plus, flying in a private jet can be pretty nice until one of the doors blows off in mid flight. where it landed and what happened to the plane is coming up. how colorful an afternoon can be. with the home depot certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that keep our budgets firmly rooted... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get memorial day savings with 4 bags of earthgro mulch for just 10 dollars. what happens when classroom teachers get the training... ...and support they need? schools flourish and students blossom. that's why programs like... ...the mickelson exxonmobil teachers academy... ...and astronaut sally ride's science academy are helping our educators improve student suc
. the canadian company behind the keystone project changed its path through the united states. here is the new route designed to avoid environmentally sensitive land in nebraska. it would pump oil from western canada to nebraska. president obama blocked the pipeline earlier this year. republicans and oil industry groups blastd that decision. >>> the price of oil took a 4% dive today to the lowest level in half a year. below 100 bucks a barrel. but a drop in gas prices could soon follow. welcome news for summer travelers. experts say it is partly due to signs the world oil supply is growing even as a global economic slowdown to cut demand. >>> a trial that thousands of families have waited more than ten years to see. the confessed mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks now has a date with justice. we are live at gitmo. plus -- not just any shoes will do when you are a size 22. how one company is stepping up to help the tallest man in america. that is coming up as we approach the top of the hour and the bottom of the news. it has a very nice spice note. [ jim koch ] it has a little lemon zest
tonight he may be able to leave for the united states soon. the state department reports the visa is ready and all he needs really is the green light from the chinese government. which is a block. as you recall, the blind man made headlines around the world when he escaped from house arrest in the middle of the night as the story goes, climbed over a wall, after he he -- after nearly seven years in captivity. we're told that he ran to the u.s. embassy. then he left claiming chinese police were beating his family members. he has been outspoken critic of china's repressive policies, one-child limit, forced he is reportedly heading to the united states to study and new york university offered him a position as a visiting scholar. a security supervisor at a major american airport is now under arrest accused of using the identity of a murder victim. the man is apparently an illegal immigrant who passed multiple background checks over 20 years as he lied and lied and lied. so what does this say about airport security? plus, doctors say many americans drink a large portion of their calories. soda
. it appears the united states and south korea will not be sending any food aid because the communist regime continues to build rockets and work towards tests of nuclear weapons. we are told that north korea has had little rain for more than a month and that it could be the worst drought in three deck case. in the 1990s the famine killed hundreds of thousands of people. the u.s. has supplied aid in the past. as you recall, north korea last month attempted to launch a new rocket. it failed. blew up after liftoff and crashed into the sea. recent satellite images have also shown a lot of the work at what's believed to be north korean nuclear testing sites. well, you think unpacking after a trip is tough? try doing it in zero gravity 250 miles above the earth. astronauts on the international space station today beginning to unload cargo from the space x dragon capsule first privately owned craft to dock with the uss. it arrived friday with a half ton of food clothing and scientific splice. we're told uploading or unloading should take 25 hours. check out new pictures from aboard the iss. this is
. secretary of state hillary clinton explaining why the united states is not ready for military action in syria. all that coming up. [ male announcer ] this... is the at&t network. a living, breathing intelligence teaching data how to do more for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions, to bring all the right results. [ whirring and beeping ] it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪ option fires for one of the largest masters of a 14-month uprising, u.s. ambassador soviet union rice called that a play ton lie. government loyalists carried out the attack last weekend stabbing shooting people at point blank range. dodds afternoons of innocent dead. women and children. today hearing from one of the few survivors of that attack. a boy who says all he could do was watch while a group of men executed his parents and all four of his siblings. some tanks came down outside our house shooting at us you you imentsdz. >> bill: that ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. >> harris: historic day for the future of space travel. the cargo ship just became the first privately owned spaceship to dock at the international space station. until now only a handful of elite government agencies had accomplished such a feat as you know and the people at nasa are thrilled. >> capture is confirmed. [ applause ] >> congratulations on a wonderful capture it. you have made a lot of folks happy here in hawthorne and here in houston. >> looks like we have a dragon by the tail. >> awesome. >> harris: astronauts captures the capsule with giant robotic arm some 250 miles above australia. ship is 1 foot long 12 feet wide. carrying a half ton of supplies for the iss including much needed food and clothing. as you may know nasa no longer flies the space shuttle so private companies will soon be critical for missions into orbit. it's important point to point out getting cargo into
's what we do in the united states congress. and yet only the t.s.a. decides that whole body imaging machines are better and then we stick hundreds of millions of dollars of them in the warehouse. >> indeed, one type of explosive trace detectors those puffer machines have been removed now from the nation's airports because they didn't work. they got clogged with dirt and dust and were expensive to repair. but they still cost taxpayers almost $30 million. the joint committee also learned today that the t.s.a. began its procurement or purchase of body scanners at the at the same time they were still testing them to find out whether they worked. we now know that those body scanners are not reliable detectors of the kind of explosive that the cia found last week in that more advanced underwear bomb, shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway in d.c. tonight. facebook is about to go public and it could make a whole lot of people a whole lot of money. of course, not everybody will be able to get in on the action. the reason for that next. plus, there is newly released home video of the bare foot band
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)